ELF Emmit Brain Stimulating Headband

Do you often feel stressed? If you do, then you should be aware, because if not managed properly, it could be dangerous for your health. No matter what your occupation is, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a young professional or an entrepreneur, you most likely have to deal with stress from time to time.

Fortunately today managing your stress level has become so much easier with a sophisticated wearable device called the “ELF Emmit Device”. This gadget is proven to be effective in reducing anxiety levels, helps you relax and get rid of your stress. But not only that, the ELF Emmit device comes with five different mood settings that you can also use to improve focus, get rid of sleep disorders, improve concentration, increase your ability to absorb and retain new information, even to experience a deep meditation and so much more.

The ELF Emmit device

The ELF Emmit is a brain stimulation device that can alter your brain frequency into working at the desired state. It has a coil in its core that produces electromagnetic pulses at extra low frequency to influence your brainwaves. When the ELF Emmit headband is in use, the coil is located on the back of your head right on the center, which is in line with your cerebellum.

This device should be used with a smartphone, so before you can operate it you need to plug it into your smartphone. You need the smartphone for two things, first you need it to power the headband, because the headband doesn’t come with batteries, so it doesn’t have its own power, and second you need it to run the ELF Emmit application.


The ELF Emmit should be operated with an app that is available for iOS and Android devices, you can download it in Google Play store or in App Store. After starting the app in your smartphone, you should sign in with your Google+ or Facebook account in order to start using the ELF Emmit device. After that you can choose the desired setting, there are five different mood settings available in this device. Once you have chosen the right setting you can hit start and the timer will start counting down.

The headband will then emit electromagnetic pulses at a frequency based on the setting you have chosen. For example if you want to reduce stress, then you can choose the Anti-Stress setting. This mood setting will stimulate your brain with the Alpha waves. With constant stimulation, your brainwaves will gently follow the frequency sent by the ELF Emmit and you will start to feel calmer, more relaxed and more peaceful without stress.

elf emmit
Elf Emmit

The technology behind ELF Emmit

The ELF Emmit device is built using a technology called the PEMS or Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation technology. This is actually not a new technology, in fact it has been developed for about 70 years by scientists and researchers from all over the world. The good news is that this technology has already proven to be effective in altering the subjects’ brainwaves. Mostly this technology is used in the treatment of patients who suffer from sleep disorders and also those who don’t respond well to anti-depressant medications. Further research have found that the PEMS technology is not just effective to treat anxiety and sleep disorders, but also in the treatment of other mind-related issues by its ability to alter brainwaves.

The problem is all the PEMS devices are so huge, bulky and extremely expensive, and that’s why they are only available in hospitals or large clinics. That means if you want to enjoy the PEMS treatment you would have to make an appointment and travel all the way to the facility. The ELF Emmit is revolutionizing the way people get a brain stimulation treatment. Today, thanks to ELF Emmit, the brain stimulation therapy is available for everyone at affordable price. The device also can be used whenever and wherever you need.



elf emmit
Elf Emmit

The ELF Emmit’s settings

This device has five different mood settings:

Concentrate – Runs at 18 Hz frequency, this setting can improve your ability to multitask, remain alert and focus, solve problems, as well as to process information.

Anti Stress – Runs at 10 Hz frequency, this setting helps you enter a peaceful mind, makes you feel more calm and remove your stress.

Deep Learning – Runs at 8 Hz frequency and used for 120 minutes, this setting helps you learn and increase your ability to retain knowledge.

Meditate – Runs at 8 Hz frequency and used for 30 minutes, this setting helps you balance your cognitive functions and control mental processes that enables you to mediate deeper.

Sleep – Runs at 5Hz frequency, this setting helps your body rests and increase your immune system.



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