An Almost Magical Headband Called ELF Emmit


The ELF Emmit device is a mind and body headband built with sophisticated technology that can help its users to reduce stress, get rid of sleep disorders, improve focus, relax, focus and concentrate. This futuristic brain stimulation headband integrates a neuroscience technology that actually has been around for decades.

The technology is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation or also known as the PEMS. It’s a patented technology and already approved by the FDA and proven to be effective after being used to treat so many patients that has mind-related conditions such as depression, stress and sleep disorders for decades. Using this technology, the ELF Emmit device is able to produce electromagnetic pulses at extra-low frequencies that can influence the user’s brain into entering the desired state.



Pulsed Electromagnetics

So the technology sounds awesome, but what exactly are “pulsed electromagnetics”?

Inside the human body there are trillions of cells that use electromagnetic frequencies to communicate, so the basic theory is “everything is energy, and all energy is electromagnetic in nature”. This theory has inspired the invention of so many devices over a few decades that are making use of electromagnetic pulse technology in order to stimulate the current inside the patient’s body so that it’s consistent with natural frequencies of human bodies or natural frequencies found in the natural environment.

The contribution of this technology to the world of healthcare has been so amazing: It can reduce inflammation, help people get a better sleep, heal wounds, eliminate depression, even fuse broken bones, and many more. The effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetics for health treatment has been proven scientifically in hundreds of studies conducted by many different reputed institutions all over the world.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit


PEMS technology in the ELF Emmit device

Various pulsed electromagnetic devices have been proven to be so effective in stimulating brainwaves that behave abnormally into entering the normal state. At first, these devices were used mostly to help people sleep for those who suffer sleep disorders, but later these devices were further developed to be able to treat other ailments and even to modify people’s moods.

Now the question is, if there are already a lot of devices that can stimulate and alter brainwaves, why do we need ELF Emmit? What makes it different than the other older devices?

Before ELF Emmit, pulsed electromagnetic technology is only available in huge, bulky devices that are super expensive. That’s why these devices usually can only be found in hospitals and large clinics. The ELF Emmit device puts the same technology used in those big, clunky machines into a wearable and portable device, which is the first and the only one in the market.



How it works

Though it’s much smaller, it doesn’t mean that the ELF Emmit cannot do the job. This device has a coil in its core that can produce electromagnetic pulses with extra low frequencies in the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is the range of frequency produced by our brain in its normal state.

The ELF Emmit comes with five different mood settings to stimulate the user’s brainwaves into following the rhythm of the waves produced by the device. The five mood settings of the ELF Emmit are:

Concentrate – This setting produces electromagnetic pulses at 18 Hz of frequency and ideally should be used for 120 minutes max. As the name implies, this mood setting improves the user’s concentration and helping with tasks such as reading, writing, socialization and critical thinking.

Anti Stress – This mood setting is basically closing the gap between conscious and subconscious minds. It operates at 10 Hz frequencies and should be used for about 40 minutes. When used, it will give relaxing and deep calming effect.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Deep Learning – A perfect setting to help students studying, especially when they are about to face an exam. Not only for students, this setting basically can be used by anyone who tries to learn new things. It operates at 8 Hz frequency, which makes the brain enters a state that’s ideal to digest new information and retain knowledge.

Meditate – Operates at around 8 Hz frequency, this setting produces Theta waves that will help users to enter a semi-hypnotic and deeply relaxed state. This will help users to meditate deeper.

Sleep – This setting produces Delta waves, which is the slowest type of brainwaves operating at 5 Hz frequency. The Delta waves mostly found to be very active in infants and young children. That’s why babies can sleep so peacefully even with lots of noises around them.


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