ELF Emmit – Mind and Body Synchronizer

The ELF Emmit headband is the only wearable device that has a cutting-edge neuroscience technology for influencing your natural brainwaves. The technology used in this brain stimulation device is non-invasive and also already approved by the FDA, so you know that it’s completely safe. The name of this technology is PEMS (Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation), which works by emitting electromagnetic pulses to the cerebellum inside your brain at certain frequencies in order to alter the brainwaves into working at the right frequencies depending on what you try to achieve.

Though the ELF Emmit is a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art wearable gadget, the technology itself is already 50 years of age. In fact, its origin even dates back to the ancient times. As you might have seen that Buddhist monks often use bells, gongs or ringing bowls when meditating. All those instruments are not only important in their rituals, but the sound they produce can actually help the monks to meditate deeper and enter a semi-hypnotic, deeply relaxed but fully aware state of mind. So in other words, those instruments can actually influence brainwaves, and that means brainwaves do can be influenced by external stimuli, just like a good song can help you relax or even the sound of rolling wheels on a train that can help you sleep.

That’s pretty much the basic theory behind the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) technology, only instead of sound it’s using electromagnetic pulses sent directly to the cerebellum, which is far more effective than any other external stimuli.

In the span of around 50 years, the experts keep on refining the PEMS technology in order to make it work more efficiently. After decades of research and experiments, they finally able to came up with something proven to be perfectly safe and very effective in altering brainwaves so your mind can always enter the state you desire. However, there is still one problem, PEMS devices are so huge and bulky, they are also extremely expensive, so you can forget about having one of them to use it daily in your various activities.

Fortunately now we have ELF Emmit, a wearable gadget built with the PEMS technology that can be used anywhere and anytime, plus the price is also very affordable. So now everyone has a chance to take the benefits from this amazing device and make the most out of their days.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit


Different types of Brainwaves

There are five different types of brainwaves or electrical patterns in human brain: Gamma wave, Beta wave, Alpha wave, Theta wave and Delta wave. Each of these waves could influence your mood. So depending on the dominant brainwaves in your mind, you could feel relaxed, focused or stressed. The normal brainwaves frequency in human brain is ranging between 2 Hz to 19 Hz, however sometimes it could spike up extremely high, even up to 30 Hz when you’re stressed.

It’s a common problem that our brainwaves sometimes don’t align with what we are doing or trying to achieve. When we are stressed or afraid, we cannot focus and make good decisions. When we are madly in love, usually we also find it hard to concentrate and think clearly. Those are some examples of when our brain is not working at the ideal frequency based on what we are trying to achieve. Fortunately, our brain can adjust to the right external stimulations quite easily, and that’s where the ELF Emmit device can help.

The ELF Emmit is also working at 2 Hz to 19 Hz, so it’s not going beyond the natural rhythm of the brain. By emitting electromagnetic pulses at certain frequencies into the cerebellum, the ELF Emmit can alter the brainwaves and finally help pushing our mind into entering the state we desire. With the right setting, the ELF Emmit can help its user reduce stress, improve focus, get rid of sleep disorders, even to achieve deep meditation.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit


How it works

The ELF Emmit headband doesn’t have its own batteries, when used it should be plugged into a smartphone so it will borrow the power from your smartphone. The smartphone doesn’t only supply power to the headband, but you also need it to operate the app that controls your ELF Emmit.

After turning it on, you should sign in with your Google+ or Facebook account in order to start using the device When you’ve signed in, choose the desired setting and start the therapy session.

The ELF Emmit doesn’t produce any noise, blinking lights and vibration, the only way you know that the device is operating is by looking the timer counting down on your smartphone.


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