Brain Stimulating Headband For Your Better Self

Our mind and body need to work in unison when we try to do or accomplish something, but the problem is the two often at odds, making it really difficult for us to achieve what we want. Like when we try to sleep, our mind stays active and wandering around so we cannot feel relaxed, or when we want to focus on studying but instead our mind is stressing out. It’s all because often our brain is emitting brainwaves in the wrong frequencies that finally make the brain enter a state of mind that’s not ideal for the activity or whatever it is we try to accomplish.

Unsynchronized mind and body can create various problems, including sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, lack of concentration, and many more. This is not a new issue; a lot of people have been trying to deal with it since decades ago. There are various methods used to deal with these problems, but the most effective one is by using the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation technology or PEMS.

PEMS is a brain stimulation technique in which it stimulates the brain by sending extra-low electromagnetic pulses so that the brain will slowly follow the rhythm and finally adjust its frequency to the way we desire. This technology was invented more than 50 years ago, and since then it has been tested and refined over and over so that it can achieve the best results. For decades, the PEMS technology has been proven to be completely safe and effective, it’s also has been proven by the FDA. There’s only one problem, PEMS devices are so big and heavy, not to mention that they are also super expensive. That’s why only hospitals and neurology clinics can own such devices and patients should travel to those places to get a PEMS treatment.


ELF Emmit Headband

The ELF Emmit is a wearable device that is built with PEMS technology. The idea is to make the PEMS available for all patients anytime and anywhere. It’s small enough to be carried around anywhere you go, but just as effective as the bulky, conventional PEMS device.

The ELF Emmit works just like any PEMS device, it has a coil in its core that produces electromagnetic pulses. These pulses are sent directly into the cerebellum. This device is pretty much like a headphones that is placed on the back of the head. When used, the electromagnetic coil will be positioned in the center, right where the cerebellum is located.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit


The ELF Emmit should be operated with a smartphone, so you have to plug it in to your smartphone before you can use it. The device doesn’t have its own power source, so it needs to get its power from the smartphone. You also need to be able to operate the app that will allow you to choose which setting you want, and you need a smartphone for that.

That’s why the ELF Emmit device doesn’t too stand out when used, it looks as if you’re using a headphones connected to your phone. This makes it comfortable for you to use it even in public places.


Mood Settings


The ELF Emmit produces electromagnetic pulses in the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is similar to what the brain normally produces. This frequency then divided into five different mood settings:

Concentrate – This mood setting emits high frequency Beta waves at 18 Hz, and this stimulation should be used for about 120 minutes. This stimulation can improve the problem solving ability, helps you to stay alert, improve focus and multitasking. This mood is really helpful for critical thinking, socialization, reading and writing.

Anti Stress – This setting emits electromagnetic pulses at 10 Hz frequencies and should be used for about 40 minutes. It will give a relaxing and deep calming effect to help you reduce stress.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Deep Learning – Operating at 8 Hz Alpha frequency, this setting will lead the brain getting into the state like when you’re about to sleep or right after waking up. These are very ideal states for learning new things and retain knowledge.

Meditate – This mood setting will stimulate the Theta wave that operates at 8 Hz frequency. Theta waves help connect you to a semi-hypnotic state, which is really useful if you want to have a deep meditation.

Sleep – This setting emits the slowest frequency of 5 Hz Delta waves, these waves are mostly found in infants and young children. So in other words, this mood setting will help you sleep like a baby.


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