ELF Emmit Review – Sophisticated Brain Hacking Device

Stress has always been a problem for a lot of people, especially in today’s world when life is getting more and more complicated. If not managed properly, stress can easily lead to some serious health problems, like high blood pressure or even stroke. Stress can also make people develop unhealthy habits such as smoking and overeating.

This is actually not a new problem, for centuries people have been trying to find an effective way how to reduce stress, but nothing seems to offer a quick and practical solution. The ELF Emmit device might just be the most revolutionary solution available today for stress.



What is ELF Emmit

In a glance, the ELF Emmit is pretty much like a set of simple headphones placed on the back of the head just above the ears. It’s also connected to a smartphone like how headphones are connected.

This device is designed to emit electromagnetic waves directly to the cerebellum in order to get your mind and body synchronized. This brain stimulation device can be set to emit frequencies that can help you relax and reduce stress. But that’s not the only thing the ELF Emmit can do, it can also help to improve focus, eliminate sleep disorders, even enables you to get a deep meditation and so much more.

Practicality is really the main strength of this device, you can use ELF Emmit anytime and you can take it wherever you go. Whether you want to use it to help you sleep at home or at the office to help you more focus.


How ELF Emmit works

ELF Emmit has an electromagnetic coil in its core, which produces electromagnetic pulses at extra-low frequency, just like what your body normally produces. These electromagnetic pulses are directed to the part of your brain known as the cerebellum. With constant transmission your current brainwave will slowly follow the wavelength emitted by the ELF Emmit device.

The ELF Emmit device can produce electromagnetic pulses with a range of 0.2 Hz up to 19 Hz. This is actually the range of frequency that your body normally produces, so ELF Emmit is perfectly safe because it doesn’t affect your brain to do something out of the ordinary.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Generally there are five frequency ranges produced by the body in normal conditions, which are known as the Gamma wave, Beta wave, Alpha wave, Theta wave and Delta wave. Each wave represents the most ideal frequency range for your body when doing specific tasks. Sadly sometimes the brainwave is at odds with what you’re trying to accomplish, for example when you are trying to sleep your brain is emitting a frequency range that’s ideal for working or studying, or worse, it might be emitting stressful frequency.

That’s when the ELF Emmit comes in handy, because it can stimulate the brain to emit the right frequency that will support whatever it is you’re trying to do or accomplish. The technology behind this device itself is actually not a new technology, it has been around for decades and used by many scientists and neurologists in treating mind-related problems, including stress and sleeping disorders.

However, ELF Emmit is the first that can apply the technology in a small wearable gadget. It’s very simple to use, you just need to put the headband on your head and plug the cable into your smartphone and choose the desired setting using the available app and you’re good to go.



ELF emmit
ELF emmit

ELF Emmit settings

Similar to the human brain’s natural frequency ranges, The ELF Emmit also has five different frequency range (mood) settings:

  1. Concentrate

With this setting the ELF Emmit will produce high frequency Beta waves that can improve significantly one’s ability to remain focus, multitask, process information and to solve problems.


  1. Anti-stress

With this setting the ELF Emmit will produce Alpha waves, which is a moderate frequency that will stimulate your brain to calm down and have a relaxed mind. Basically these waves will shrink the gap between conscious and subconscious mind.


  1. Deep Learning

With this setting, the ELF Emmit will produce frequency that will induce a state of mind just like when you’re about to fall asleep. This state is so ideal for deep learning, as it will improve your capacity to retain knowledge and learn.


  1. Meditate

With this setting, the ELF Emmit will stimulate the Theta waves that will enable you to meditate so deeply.


  1. Sleep

With this setting, te ELF Emmit will stimulate the Delta waves, which is the slowest brainwaves that will help your body rests and get a deep sleep.


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