ELF Emmit Reviews – A Helpful Brain Hacking Device

Stress has become a rather common problem in today’s world. As life becomes more complicated and demanding, anyone of us can easily stuck in a stressful situation that is so torturing. From company owners, workers, housewives, even school children can suffer from stress these days, and this is not something you can take lightly. Because stress, if not properly managed will cause some serious health problems in the long run.

So how do you deal with stress? Most people choose to reduce stress by getting away from their daily activity and go on a vacation or take a short relaxing break in between their busy activities. But what if you really don’t have time or money for a vacation and you can’t take too many short breaks that you really need to refresh your mind? Well now you have a solution!

The ELF Emmit brain stimulation headband is offering a practical solution for various mind-related issues. Through years of research and lots of testing, this wearable device is already proven medically to be able to reduce anxiety, improve focus, helps you relax and have a deep meditation, and many more. The best thing about the ELF Emmit device is that you can carry around the device anywhere you go and use it anywhere you want, anytime at all. Whether you’re at home or in the office, when doing house chores or when you’re in the subway, you can use the electromagnetic therapy provided by the ELF Emmit device to relax your mind.


ELF Emmit is not only relaxing, but it can also help you to be more productive and efficient as it could improve your concentration and eliminate sleep disorders. It comes with five different mood settings; stress reduction, deep learning, meditation, concentration and sleep. The technology behind it is completely safe, because it has long been used by medical practitioners and scientists and also it has been approved by the FDA.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit



How it works

The main element inside the ELF Emmit is the electromagnetic coil that’s emitting electromagnetic pulses with extra-low frequency, complementary to your natural brainwaves.

The electromagnetic pulses from the ELF Emmit device are targeting the cerebellum, gently directing your brainwave frequency to your preferred direction in order to achieve your desired mood.

With five different mood settings, each producing electromagnetic pulses that run at a specific frequency designed to help the users achieve their desired state of mind.

Mood settings

The ELF Emmit device is designed to produce electromagnetic pulses with low frequency from 2 Hz up to 19Hz. The range of frequencies then divided into five different ranges with each range has its own specific purpose.

Concentrate – This setting produces high frequency, low amplitude beta waves. The quick pulses will highly increase your ability to stay focus, to remain alert, to multitask, to process information and to solve problems. This state of mind is incredibly helpful whenever you need to perform conscious tasks, including reading, writing, socialization or critical thinking. Basically, any work or school-based tasks could be completed easier when you improve your concentration with the right brainwaves frequency.

Anti-stress – This setting produces moderate frequency Alpha waves, which will help you relax and enter a peaceful state of mind easier. Starting at 10 Hz, this setting is closing the gap between Beta and Theta, or conscious and subconscious mind. This process will help the brain to calm down and in the end will promote deep relaxation. Stress happens when there is an excessive activity of Beta waves and very little activity of Alpha waves, which also known as the “Alpha blocking”. The Anti-stress mood setting will balance your brainwaves so you can relax.



ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Deep learning – This setting is targeting to bring the mind in the state like just after we wake up or just before falling asleep. These are the most ideal states of mind if you want to learn something, because those are times when your mind’s ability to retain knowledge and information is increased significantly. With the help of ELF Emmit, you can enter this state of mind anytime.

Meditate – This setting produces slow frequency Theta waves that can help you balance just about all your cognitive functions and overall, control your mental processes. With this mood, you can enter a semi-hypnotic state that will help you have a deep meditation.

Sleep – This setting produces the slowest frequency compared to the other mood settings. The Delta waves it produces will help your body rests and improves its immune system.


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