ELF Emmit Reviews – Is It The Right Device To Enhance Your Brain’s Functions?

Using a device to enhance brain function might sound like something that comes out of a science fiction story or it might even sound scary for some people. But with the development of technology, almost nothing is impossible these days, including when it comes to “zapping” your brain to make it work better.

ELF Emmit is a new device that’s claiming to be able to do just that. This device is designed to stimulate brainwaves so that it can enter the desired state, which in the end will help its users to reduce stress, improve focus, overcoming sleep disorders, and even help them to reach a deep meditation state.


General overview

The ELF Emmit device is a brain stimulation device in a form of a subtle headband. Inside this headband there is an electromagnetic coil that will send electromagnetic pulses into the cerebellum. It doesn’t have batteries, but you have to connect it to a smartphone or tablet when you want to use it, so it’s borrowing the power from another device. Besides giving power to the headband, the smartphone or tablet is also needed to operate the app to choose the setting.

The ELF Emmit device has five different settings to choose from, that target different goals; concentration, stress levels, learning, meditation and sleep. The technology used in this device is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS). This is actually not a new technology, it’s been around and used widely in healthcare and neuroscience clinics for about 50 years. But back in those days, the PEMS devices were so huge, heavy and extremely expensive, so in order to get the treatment one should go to a hospital or clinic. Now thanks to the advancement in technology everyone can use a PEMS device at home. The technology is already approved by the FDA, so you can be sure that it’s safe.

The main concept of ELF Emmit is to sync the brain with our intention, for example when you feel tired and need some sleep but your brain just can’t relax and get into the sleeping state it could be frustrating. With ELF Emmit you can modify the brainwaves so that your brain can relax and you can get a good sleep.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit



How safe is it

Even though it’s already approved by the FDA and the technology also has been used for many years, but still, when you “modify” something in your brain there will be some worries. First of all, the FDA will not give any approval if there is a chance that the device carries a huge risk especially for your brain, so that’s already an assurance. Furthermore, the company also guarantees that the “dosage” of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the device is totally harmless, but still powerful enough to make some desired changes in our brain.



ELF emmit
ELF emmit

The science behind the device

In general the human brain has five types of frequency within its cortex that will influence how the brain works. These brainwaves can be observed by an ECG device, and there is a clear correlation between different frequencies of brainwaves with your mood.

So far, there are five different states of brain that are obvious that run on different frequencies. The highest frequency is the Gamma wave, which has correlations with focus and dream states. Under the Gamma wave is the Beta wave, which has correlations with restful concentration. Next is the Alpha wave that relates with deep learning and anti-stress. After the Alpha wave, there is the Theta wave, which influences the psychological flow and correlates with the states of meditation. Finally the lowest frequency known as the Delta wave that correlates with the state of sleeping and the body’s natural healing cycle.

Sometimes the state of the brain doesn’t reflect what the mind actually wants. According to some research, the brain frequency can jump up to 30 Hz in the state of stress or high concentration, this could create a highly uncomfortable feeling. The ELF Emmit works to overcome such issues, as it only produces frequencies that don’t exceed 19 Hz, the device will always help the brain to enter its natural neurological states.

The ELF Emmit device is designed to help the brain enters its ideal state according to the needs of the users, whether they want to improve concentration, learning abilities, to get better sleep or remove stress.

All the benefits offered by the ELF Emmit device are certainly so tempting, but it may take some time for you to get used to it before you can really enjoy those benefits, and the results also may vary on different individuals.



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