ELF Emmit – The Brain Hacking Device

It has long been found that human brain has five different states of operating frequency that can be observed using ECG technology. Neurology experts also have found that there is a strong correlation between these waves with your mood, so based on the range of frequency at which our brain is working, we can feel relaxed, excited, stressed, focused, etc. It also means that when the frequency is changing, the mood is also changing.

The highest frequency is the Gamma wave, which is associated with attentive focus and dream states. Just a bit lower is the Beta wave that is connected to restful concentration. The next step down is the Alpha wave, which has a correlation with deep learning and anti-stress. Under the Alpha wave we have the Theta wave that is usually found in subjects that are in states of psychological flow or meditation. Lastly the lowest frequency is the Delta wave that is associated with sleeping state and the body’s natural healing process.


These normal brainwaves are in the range of 2 Hz to 19 Hz, but in certain conditions, such as during some stressful or high concentration scenarios, the brainwaves can spike up to 30 Hz. The problems arise when the waves are at odds with what we are trying to accomplish. For example, when we need to focus on doing something that requires high concentration, instead we are stressing out so we cannot think clearly.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit


This is when the ELF Emmit brain stimulation device can be useful. By emitting the right frequency, it can influence the brainwaves into entering the desired state. For example, if we need to concentrate on solving a problem, we can set the ELF Emmit to release Beta waves into the cerebellum. This will gently influence the brain until finally your brainwaves follow the rhythm of the frequency stimulation given by the ELF Emmit.

Just like the natural brainwaves frequency, the ELF Emmit also runs at 2 Hz to 19 Hz frequency. It also comes with five different mood settings just like the five different states of operating frequency of the brain in normal condition. Without exceeding 19 Hz, the ELF Emmit never forces the brain for going into unnatural states. When used correctly, which is really easy to do, the ELF Emmit can help its users get rid of sleep disorders, reduce stress, improve focus, or going into deep meditation state.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit

What exactly is ELF Emmit

ELF Emmit is wearable headband built with cutting edge technology designed to stimulate brainwaves so that the mind can enter a desired state based on what the user is trying to accomplish. The headband has a coil in its core that can emit electromagnetic pulses at extra low frequency based on the setting desired by the user. When the headband is worn, the coil will be located on the back of the head right on the center targeting the cerebellum.

The technology installed in this device is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation or PEMS. This is an FDA-approved technology that has been researched and developed for around 70 years. A lot of devices have been built using this technology for therapy purposes, but all these devices are so large and bulky, plus they are also extremely expensive. That’s why such devices are only available in hospitals and large clinics. With the ELF Emmit device, you don’t have to travel all the way to the hospital or a neurology clinic just to enjoy a PEMS therapy. The ELF Emmit device is offered at a very affordable price so anyone can enjoy the benefits of the PEMS technology anytime and anywhere they want.

How to use ELF Emmit

The ELF Emmit headband cannot function on its own, you need to operate it through an app that is available for iOS and Android devices, so that means you need a smartphone to operate it. The smartphone is not only needed to access the app and the ELF Emmit’s settings, but it also provides power to the headband, because the ELF Emmit’s headband doesn’t have its own batteries.

When you want to use the device, you should plug the headband to the headphones’ socket on your smartphone. Then you should access the app and sign in using your Google+ or Facebook account. After that you can choose the desired mood setting and hit start. You will see the timer is counting down, that’s how you know the device is operating.

If you’re still wondering as how to reduce stress or how to improve focus, then maybe it’s time for you to try the ELF Emmit.


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