The Working Principles of Elf Emmit

Since the first time it was launched to the market not so long ago, there have been so many positive feedback’s from customers regarding the ELF Emmit device. Most of them feel that they can work and study more efficiently, sleep better, meditate deeper, and have more concentration after using the ELF Emmit brain stimulation device.

ELF Emmit is a gadget in a form of a headband used in the back of the head that can help alter the brain frequency according to the user’s intention. Inside this device, there is a coil that produces electromagnetic pulses and send them right to the cerebellum. The frequency range of the pulses produced by the ELF Emmit is 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is pretty much the same as the range of frequency the brain normally produces.

This range of frequency then divided into five different frequency ranges that represent different moods. This makes it possible for the ELF Emmit to stimulate brain frequency in following the desired mood of the user. For example, for a person who suffers from sleep disorders, the brain seems to never stop working and stay active or even stressed when it’s actually time to sleep. That’s because the brain is not in the sleeping mode, in other words, the brain is working in a different mood than what we try to achieve. The ELF Emmit when set to the sleep mode will send electromagnetic pulses in the frequency as when the brain is fully resting. The user will then feel relaxed and finally able to get a good quality sleep.

Even though there have been so many positive ELF Emmit reviews from its users, still there are always some concerns regarding the device, especially from new users. To answer some of these common concerns, below you can find some info about the working principles of the ELF Emmit so you better understand how the device works.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit



One of the main concerns is that many new users doubt that ELF Emmit is actually operating, simply because it doesn’t make any sound, blinking lights, or vibrate. But that is just the way the device is designed, which is to be a non-intrusive device.

In order to tell whether the device is operating or not is actually pretty simple. The ELF Emmit is designed to be used with a smartphone to operate the app, and when the app says that the ELF Emmit device is operating, then the device is actually working.

The lack of lights, sound and vibration actually will make it more comfortable for the user. You can do whatever you like without any interruption, like listening to music, sleeping or meditating. Just imagine if you use the ELF Emmit to help you sleep and the device is beeping have blinking lights, that would be very annoying and won’t help you rest. Just look at your smartphone, when the timer is counting down, then the device is operating.


ELF emmit
ELF emmit

How to use ELF Emmit

The ELF Emmit is designed to be controlled with an app, so you also need a smartphone to operate it. The app is available for IOS and Android, so you shouldn’t have any problem operating your ELF Emmit no matter what kind of smartphone you have. You can simply download the app from Googla Play or Apple Store.

Next, you should login to the app using either your Google+ or Facebook account. Once you turn on the app you will see the word “ELF Emmit” in a circle and a few tabs that you can click. On the last tab where it says “sign in” you will see the Facebook and Google+ icons. Click on one of the icons to sign in using your preferred social media account.

When you have logged in, plug in the ELF Emmit headband then start the app. If you see the timer is counting down then you know the ELF Emmit is functioning. But if you’re still unsure whether the device is operating or not, you can unplug the ELF Emmit headband and plug in your headphones instead. When the device is operating, you will hear the sound of magnetic impulses. With headphones, the magnetic impulses are converted into sound, but when you plug in the ELF Emmit the pulses will have no sound, just become therapeutic pulses that make your brain works better.

The ELF Emmit’s benefits

Some new users often complain that they did not feel any difference after using the ELF Emmit for a couple of times. What these users need to understand is that using the ELF Emmit is not like eating chili sauce, where you immediately feel the burn in your tongue the moment you put it in your mouth. The ELF Emmit device is not like that, your brain and your body have to grow accustomed to the treatment first, and when your body and mind have adjusted to the ELF Emmit’s treatment you will then finally able to feel the difference every time you are using ELF Emmit.

How much time your body and mind need to get accustomed to the ELF Emmit’s electromagnetic treatment will very much depend on you, and every user is different. Some users even can feel the changes immediately after they used the device for the first time, while others take more time, around 3 to 10 sessions before they start to feel some changes.

So the ELF Emmit basically gives a stimulation that is somewhat like exercise to your brain. Think of it like the first time you ride a bicycle, chance is you won’t experience a smooth riding the first time you get on the bike. But after trying a few times you will grow accustomed to it, learned to balance yourself on the bike and finally you will be able to ride it perfectly, perhaps even play a few tricks.

So be patience and try the device whenever you can, and you will be able to reduce stress, improve focus and sleep better in no time.


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