Zap Your Brain With the New ELF Emmit Device

Have you ever think about zapping your brain to make it more focused or more relaxed? Sounds a bit terrifying isn’t it? Brain is a vital organ in our body, so the idea of tampering with it may not sound like a good plan, even if it is for making your brain works better. But what if there is a device that is built with a trusted technology that has been proven work effectively and completely safe to make your brain functions better just the way you want to?

Introducing the ELF Emmit device, a smart little device that is designed to synchronize your mind and body by sending the appropriate electromagnetic pulses directly into the cerebellum. In a glance, this brain stimulation gadget seems just like a regular headphones with a headband placed on the back of the head hooked to the ears, and it’s also plugged into a smartphone.

The ELF Emmit device has an electromagnetic coil in its core, which is the element that’s creating the electromagnetic pulses sending it directly to your brain. The ELF Emmit device has to be connected to a smartphone to work, there are two reasons for this; first, the ELF Emmit doesn’t have batteries so it’s borrowing the power from the smartphone, and the second reason is because you need the smartphone to operate the app so you can choose the appropriate setting when using the device.

The technology applied in this device is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS), which is a technology that has been used for decades by medical practitioners, neurologists and scientists to modify brainwaves in order to eliminate mind-related issues. This technology has been refined over and over, tested so many times and proven to be effective and safe, also has been approved by the FDA.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

ELF Emmit Settings

The ELF Emmit can create pulses ranging from 2 Hz to 19 Hz, which is pretty much the same frequency range your brain naturally emits. So nothing out of the ordinary, that’s why the ELF Emmit is completely safe to use. The pulses are then divided into five different frequency ranges that represent different moods.



  1. Concentrate


This is a setting for high frequency Beta waves. These quick pulses will improve focus, makes you stay alert, increase your ability to multitask, solve problems and process information. Extra-fast Beta waves are normally emitted by the brain when you need to complete conscious tasks, like reading, writing or critical thinking.

Sometimes when expected to complete such tasks people got stressed out and their brainwaves got extremely high creating tension, or perhaps the brain is too relaxed so it’s difficult to concentrate on the tasks. At this point, a device like the ELF Emmit will be very useful to stimulate the brain with Beta waves so it can enter the concentrate mode so you can focus more on your tasks.


  1. Anti-Stress

This setting will produce the moderate frequency Alpha waves, which will help you enter a peaceful state of mind. A huge gap between the conscious and subconscious mind often makes anxiousness in our brain is getting worse and difficult to manage. The Alpha waves stimulation will slowly close the gap between the two and finally will help you reduce stress and feel deep relaxation.

Usually when our brain becomes stressed, there is a phenomenon called the “Alpha blocking” occurred, which means there is an excessive Beta activity in your brain with very little Alpha activity. The proper stimulation from the ELF Emmit can help to restore the balance and eliminate this “Alpha Blocking” situation.

ELF emmit
ELF emmit

Mood settings

  1. Deep Learning

This setting will stimulate your mind to enter the state like just before you fall asleep or right after you wake up. These states are believed to be the most ideal state of mind for you to take in new information and store it. In general, this will improve your ability to learn by multiple times. Thanks to the ELF Emmit you can enter this state anytime.

  1. Meditate

This setting will produce slow frequency Theta waves that is so useful for deep meditation. Theta waves are responsible for taking our mind to enter a semi-hypnotic state. Not only it will help you meditate deeply, Theta waves’ boost will also improve your intuition and creativity.

  1. Sleep

Last but not least, this setting will produce the slowest frequency Delta waves that will help you fight sleep disorders. It will help your body and all its functions rest and get a quality sleep while also boosting your immune system.



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